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Thank you for your ongoing partnership and commitment to creating a more diverse and culturally responsive mental health workforce and community.


Our work is only possible with the generous support of people like you who believe in the necessity of students and clients to have access to providers and trainers who share similar ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds with them.  A cultural or racial connection is often one very important piece of the right ingredients needed for some people to feel comfortable enough to take the risk to seek mental health services.  There is a shortage of therapists of color and our mission is to help nurture, train and support the development of the next generation of providers of color.  Everyone deserves the right to have the option to see a mental health provider or social service provider who looks like them, and who they connect with.


Your gift offers community members of all ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds to receive therapeutic assistance they need whether in the therapy room or a classroom.


Please consider making your gift a monthly donation.

KCTI Attendees

It is one of KCTI's goals to provide and allow space for diverse groups of people to gather and build community. Our trainings are intentionally focused on developing culturally competent Mental Health and professionals to enhance effective cross-cultural work. We recognize that we have growth areas that we need to attend to such as increasing our student attendance. Our priory is to increase our student attendance, they are the future of our mental health field. Take a look at our sponsor options for how you can help those who want to attend.

Information for Ethnicity and registration attendees are gathered from Tickettailor online registrations 2017-2019
Hispanic or Latino account for 3.26%
Unidentified account for 4.89%
General admission accounts for Mental Health Professionals, Elderly (65+), and community members.

How You Can Do The Work

KCTI appreciates your partnering with us to create a healthier community. Below we have specific objectives on how we are currently doing the work. Hover over the boxes to see descriptions of ways you can sponsor. We also value whatever amount you are able to give. At the bottom of the page choose the yellow donate button to customize your donation or click the yellow subscribe button to choose to donate on a regular basis. For questions and more information email us at

Your donation will help Kente Circle Training Institute 501(c) 3 non-profit to provide cultural competency training, workshops, research, supervision and consultation. Our services are provided to students at all levels of experience. $150

Sponsor a Student $150

Your gift will be added to our scholarship fund. it will help support students, elders, and professionals attend KCTI trainings at a free or reduced cost.

Beyond the Edge Scholarship $300

Communal Development $300

Your donation will go towards ongoing mentoring for students and professionals of color by qualified supervisors. $2500

Sponsor Supervision    $2,500

Kente Circle Training Institute Rendering 
Kente Circle Training Institue Rendering

In our new space Kente Circle and KCTI will share office space to increase clinicial and training services. It is our hope to house a training space managed and operated by KCTI.

One time payment option for KCTI

“Each One Teach One” African Proverb