Internship Program

Graduate student interns' are an integral part of KCTI'S mission and work to create more diverse and culturally competent Therapist. Interns are housed at Kente Circles clinic in South Minneapolis, and while there, they gain valuable experience regarding relationship,  team building, cultural competency, and self-of-the therapist issues. These experiences occur not only through training and supervision, but also in practice through co-therapy teams, cultural events, and group dialogue. KCTI is committed to relationship building not only between the interns and staff, but also with the larger community and our clients.

Meet The 2019 Interns

Theo solo intern_edited.jpg

Jingming (Theodore) Wang

Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology (CSPP)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Leila solo intern_edited.jpg

Leila Comer

Marriage and Family Therapy

Saint Mary's - Twin Cities

LJ solo intern_edited.jpg

Larry (LJ) Tucker Jr.

Marriage and Family Therapy

University of Wisconsin - Stout

Kong solo intern_edited.jpg

Kong Moua

Marriage and Family Therapy

Bethel University

Cooliidge solo intern_edited.jpg

Coolidge E. Dennis Jr.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Bethel University