Kente Circle Training Institute

"Creating space to cultivate genius"


Create a mental health provider workforce and community that is more diverse and culturally competent.


Here at KCTI we want to bring more mental health awareness  to all professionals in the twin cities and surrounding area.

We inspire to Engage, Embrace, Empower and Equip.

Engage the community to proactively address the shortage of mental health    providers of color and leadership

Embrace all forms of diversity by offering ethnically and culturally relevant         training experiences

Empower trainees to develop and sustain mental healthcare practices and          policy for culturally diverse communities

Equip training participants with new information, skills and knowledge            necessary to grow individually and collectively 

It is our goal that our events will generate a healthier sense of community. We will do this by building collective power and supporting the community by engaging them in experiences that discourage living in racially, socially, culturally isolated ways that do not support health and/or healing. We believe our events will create a ripple effect that will create lasting social change in other communities.

Are you a graduate student looking for a practicum? Teaming up with KCTI will prepare you to become the therapist you always dreamt of. Our unique one year training allows you to deepen you theraputic skills with a cohort, plenty of supervision and the opportunity to work with a diverse community.

Our mental health is an integral part of our everyday lives. KCTI recognizes the importance to not only have a discussion, but to come together to do something about it. Check out past and upcoming training and learn about our hands on and intimate training to help create a better community.  

Improving on our Mission! The work is far from over and we need your help to continue the vision. Giving helps fund conferences, train new professionals, and lower costs.